Adjustable acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

A customer recently designed a Santiago acrylic insert for her refrigerator drawer. To my knowledge, this is the first time one of our products has found a home in an appliance.

The problem: products packaged in tubes and packets used to sprawl all over the drawer, and when she pulled out, say, a carton of yogurt, the packets would move into that now-available real estate creating a headache when it was time to put away said yogurt.

The solution: an acrylic Santiago insert for the left half of the drawer. The compartments of the insert contain the small items, leaving larger spaces open and available when items are removed. Those larger items now have an open space to return to! Not just a place for everything; an available place for everything.

She made a special request of 5″ tall perimeter walls and 3″ tall internal walls and dividers. She used the Richard template to create her design. (Maple would not be an appropriate material for this application, not being able to withstand washing¬†or the high-moisture condition of a refrigerator.)

Her measuring job is spot on.

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