Small/Narrow kitchen drawer inspiration

Flatware tends to get relegated to the narrowest of kitchen drawers — and for good reason! Few kitchen tools are as slim as silverware. Though they’re often small in size, a flatware drawer is typically the most frequently opened drawer in the entire kitchen. For that reason alone it deserves to be well-organized and to look great!

Here are some photos of beautiful, narrow kitchen drawer, worthy of a smile every time they’re opened.

narrow kitchen drawer Jill template

narrow kitchen drawer Millie template

narrow small kitchen drawer

narrow flatware silverware drawer insert

I’m pretty sure the following is an RV drawer!

RV kitchen drawer

small kitchen silverware drawer

Here’s a tiny non-silverware drawer.

tiny kitchen utensil drawer

Another non-flatware narrow drawer…

small kitchen utensil drawer

Did plastic ever look so classy?

flatware organizer for a narrow drawer

twin narrow kitchen drawers

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