Layered/stacked kitchen drawer organizers

I recently received the following images from a happy customer who ordered two custom drawer inserts, and they sit in the same drawer, one on top of the other. The top insert fills the width but not the depth of the drawer. She can move the top layer to the front or back of the drawer to access the items underneath. Clever. And it looks great!

This is a great solution for tall drawers and for tiny kitchens where some drawers need to pull double duty.

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    1. I recommend starting with the bottom layer. Each layer will need to be designed separately. Once you know what you have in mind for the bottom layer, start here,

      Then, you’ll start back at the link above when you’re ready to design the top layer. Just make sure that, this time, instead of entering the drawer’s dimensions, enter the overall dimensions (plus 0.125″) you want the top layer to be. Also, make sure you include an attached bottom on the top layer.

      Give it a try. If you have trouble or have additional questions, let me know. Once your order has been placed, I’ll send drawings for you to approve.


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