A detail about slots and movable dividers

I received the following question from a customer:

We have ordered more movable dividers than we think we will use, just to have a few extra’s, so if you normally choose the location of the slots to allow even spacing, then for all movable dividers that are oriented from front-to back (the ones that are 7-5/8” and 10-1/2” in both drawers) please assume one less divider per section when determining that spacing.  This will result in three 3-1/4” spaces across those sections of the first drawer (assuming 1/8” thick dividers), and five 3.45” spaces across those sections of the second drawer.  If you don’t normally base the slot locations of the number of dividers, that’s fine.  We’re not asking for something special.  However, if the slot locations do normally take the number of dividers into account, then please make those determinations as described above.

Here is my response:

Good question. I understand about ordering extra dividers, but, no, we do not adjust the spacing of the slots based on the quantity of dividers. 

Now you know.

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