Pausing on the Santiago Knife Block as we prepare for something better

When we launched the Santiago line about two years ago, we had reason to believe we’d be able to eventually offer that product line at bargain basement prices. After hunting extensively and corresponding with various suppliers and dealing with a shortage of helpers, we were not able to get the price nearly as low as we had hoped.

Needless to say, we were disappointed.

So we’re working on a new line of acrylic products that will be much more affordable and somewhat more versatile, a kind of sister line to the Santiago line products. On top of this, we plan to have a super-affordable you-assemble option on this line. When fully built out, we expect this line of custom inserts to include options/features like a spice rack, cubby grids, and a knife block that can be part of a larger drawer insert.

Stay tuned. If you want to be notified when this new line is ready, make sure you’re on our mailing listWe’ll have some extra-sweet deals for beta testers.