Glassware drawer organizer

glassware drawer insert

“I saw this photo on your website, but I don’t see how to design and order one like it. How would I do that?”

Good question. The drawer in the above image is ~38″ wide by ~13″ deep and 3″ tall. We didn’t (and still don’t) have a template on our site for so many columns. (The above insert has nine columns.)

If you only need five or fewer columns, you could design a glassware insert on our website using the Phillip template for five columns or the DeAnn template for four.

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Tie drawer organizer

Cubby Grid tie drawer organizer

The Cubby Grid was the first acrylic product we added to our product line.

I knew right away that this insert would be ideal for ties. Nathan, though, is not much of a tie-wearer, and even if he were, we didn’t have a drawer to devote to tie storage. But I knew there were many men whose day-to-day “uniform” included a tie, and a well-organized drawer seemed like the best way to quickly see what you have.

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Adjustable acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

A customer recently designed a Santiago acrylic insert for her refrigerator drawer. To my knowledge, this is the first time one of our products has found a home in an appliance.

The problem: products packaged in tubes and packets used to sprawl all over the drawer, and when she pulled out, say, a carton of yogurt, the packets would move into that now-available real estate creating a headache when it was time to put away said yogurt.

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