The Orderly Drawer slot-and-divider system


It all started with a customer musing about his flatware drawer, “If this organizer were adjustable…”

The wheels started spinning (literally and figuratively) and weeks later a method and feature had been developed.

Our traditional inserts have adjustable dividers that fit into slots. The slots are rounded at the bottom, so if you have a bottomless insert, when you lift the insert up, the dividers will not fall out. (Clever is my husband, no?)

Santiago inserts have slots with a similar, though different, feature to keep the dividers securely in place but unable to fall out of a lifted insert. The slots terminate rather than running the entire height of the inserts.

Santiago kitchen drawer insert



Targeted dividers

maple insert with targeted dividers

Our signature slot-and-divider system was perhaps the thing that initially distinguished Orderly Drawer from other custom insert providers. Most people seemed intrigued by the adjustability the slots provided. But…potential customers would occasionally pop their heads up and say, “I don’t particularly like the look of all those slots.”

Fair enough. Some people like them; others don’t.

Furthermore, we were told, sometimes you know what you want and you don’t anticipate changing it in the future.

Enter targeted dividers, ¬† Continue reading “Targeted dividers”

Stacked drawer organizers

Stacked Inserts

We’re occasionally asked about the practicality of stacking inserts, one on top of the other. ¬†This can be a good solution when… Continue reading “Stacked drawer organizers”

Full-extension vs 3/4-extension drawer slides and why it matters for your drawer design

There are many different types of drawer slides in modern cabinetry. For the purpose of this post, I’m concerned with two types — those that fully extend and those that do not.

A drawer that fully extends can slide out of the cabinet cavity so that the full real estate of the drawer is exposed, as in the photos below.

custom insert for narrow drawer

drawer organizer - Brandi template with scooped dividers

With full-extension drawers, you’ll have no issues with accessing the contents of your drawer, no matter what template you choose on which to build your design.

Moving on to drawers that do not fully extended, like the one below… Continue reading “Full-extension vs 3/4-extension drawer slides and why it matters for your drawer design”

Glassware drawer organizer

glassware drawer insert

“I saw this photo on your website, but I don’t see how to design and order one like it. How would I do that?”

Good question. The drawer in the above image is ~38″ wide by ~13″ deep and 3″ tall. We didn’t (and still don’t) have a template on our site for so many columns. (The above insert has nine columns.)

If you only need five or fewer columns, you could design a glassware insert on our website using the Phillip template for five columns or the DeAnn template for four.

For a glass insert with more than five columns, Continue reading “Glassware drawer organizer”

Tie drawer organizer

Cubby Grid tie drawer organizer

The Cubby Grid was the first acrylic product we added to our product line.

I knew right away that this insert would be ideal for ties. Nathan, though, is not much of a tie-wearer, and even if he were, we didn’t have a drawer to devote to tie storage. But I knew there were many men whose day-to-day “uniform” included a tie, and a well-organized drawer seemed like the best way to quickly see what you have.

After we launched the Cubby Grid, Continue reading “Tie drawer organizer”

Adjustable acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer

A customer recently designed a Santiago acrylic insert for her refrigerator drawer. To my knowledge, this is the first time one of our products has found a home in an appliance.

The problem: products packaged in tubes and packets used to sprawl all over the drawer, and when she pulled out, say, a carton of yogurt, the packets would move into that now-available real estate creating a headache when it was time to put away said yogurt.

The solution: Continue reading “Adjustable acrylic refrigerator drawer organizer”