Layered/stacked kitchen drawer organizers

I recently received the following images from a happy customer who ordered two custom drawer inserts, and they sit in the same drawer, one on top of the other. The top insert fills the width but not the depth of the drawer. She can move the top layer to the front or back of the drawer to access the items underneath. Clever. And it looks great!

This is a great solution for tall drawers and for tiny kitchens where some drawers need to pull double duty.

“I want a cubby grid, but my drawer is over 31 inches wide. What can I do?”

If you have a greater than 31″-wide drawer, you won’t be able to plan a cubby grid using our design wizard, as it won’t accept drawer dimensions greater than 31.

But you can contact us, and we can design a cubby grid for your large drawer that will actually be two cubby grids with staggered walls that sit side-by-side in your drawer.

The red dots on the drawing below indicate where the “tails” of the two cubby grids would meet.

Small/Narrow kitchen drawer inspiration

Flatware tends to get relegated to the narrowest of kitchen drawers — and for good reason! Few kitchen tools are as slim as silverware. Though they’re often small in size, a flatware drawer is typically the most frequently opened drawer in the entire kitchen. For that reason alone it deserves to be well-organized and to look great!

Here are some photos of beautiful, narrow kitchen drawer, worthy of a smile every time they’re opened.

narrow kitchen drawer Jill template

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