Targeted dividers

maple insert with targeted dividers

Our signature slot-and-divider system was perhaps the thing that initially distinguished Orderly Drawer from other custom insert providers. Most people seemed intrigued by the adjustability the slots provided. But…potential customers would occasionally pop their heads up and say, “I don’t particularly like the look of all those slots.”

Fair enough. Some people like them; others don’t.

Furthermore, we were told, sometimes you know what you want and you don’t anticipate changing it in the future.

Enter targeted dividers,  one pair of slots for each divider. There are no additional slots for adjustability. Customers tell us where to position each divider. By default, we’ll evenly space the dividers, but if you want something different, we can accommodate.

Santiago acrylic kitchen drawer organizer

Finally, we while the dividers will not be adjustable, they will be removable. They can be lifted out of their slots.

maple grid drawer organizer, targeted dividers

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