Stacked drawer organizers

Stacked Inserts

We’re occasionally asked about the practicality of stacking inserts, one on top of the other.  This can be a good solution when…

  • you have a tall drawer in which you need to store mostly small items,
  • you have two classes of items: frequently used and seldom used.

When possible, it’s best to size the upper insert smaller than the bottom insert in either the width or depth dimension. It will be easy to remove when you need to access the contents of the lower insert.

Or, depending on the size difference in the two inserts, you may choose to slide the top insert in one direction or the other to access the contents in the insert underneath. If sliding (rather than lifting) the top insert is your preferred method, you may want to consider adding a protective varnish to the top of the bottom insert to reduce scratching.

Note: the top insert must have an attached bottom!

Stacked inserts will work for Santiago and maple custom inserts. We don’t recommend stacking Cubby Grids.

Caution: Does your drawer fully extend? If not, consider the potential difficulty removing the top insert could be…

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